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Precision and recall are the two terms which confused me a lot in my machine learning path. These terms sound easy but they are not as easy as they sound. And the high-level definition provided in most of the blogs are way out of my understanding, actually I never find those definitions easy to understand. So, I tried to find some other way to understand these terms with real world example.

Ok, enough of talking. Let’s start with where to use precision and recall instead of accuracy.

So, take an example where you got an imbalanced data for skin cancer…

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If you are new to machine learning and facing difficulty in understanding what is neural network (also known as artificial neural network)? or this is the first time you are reading about neural networks then this article is for you. I will try to explain neural networks as simple as possible without using any complex math.

Let’s assume there is a group of people who have never seen a dalmatian dog which is a breed of dog. Your task is to train them to identify the dalmatian dog among other dog breeds.

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